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The smartest way to boost conversions
from your email list.

15 minute setup. No big budget.
Timed, targeted, and painless marketing for ecommerce.

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We identify which customers are most likely to make purchases and when they're ready to convert.


We automatically suggest and create editable marketing campaigns optimized for those customers.


Sit back and watch as customers transform from leads to converted sales on your Bizzy dashboard.


    In the first month of using Bizzy, my small business sales are up 25%!! This is exactly what I had been looking for but could not find! Thank you, Bizzy!! I pride myself in personal touch with my customers. These EASY emails help me do that and increase sales! I am THRILLED.

    Denise, Hello Courage

    I was skeptical as I’ve tried so many variations of sales and coupons. In seven days I’m already at $2k additional revenue! I’m replacing my MailChimp mailings with these simple, no nonsense emails that get customers moving into action! If you don’t have this and are struggling with email marketing, this is a MUST!

    Kristin, Mezel Mods

    THIS APP IS A MUST FOR ANY SHOPIFY STORE!!! The app already feels as if it is a part of our marketing team. It combines what currently takes three separate applications and seamlessly integrates them into one. THANK YOU!!!

    Erica, Mill Crest Vintage

    Great app! We have only been onboard for a week but can already attribute over $3,000 in revenue. We were using two other apps that were much more expensive and harder to use. I like the simplicity of Bizzy. I highly recommend this app!

    Craig, Mightyline

    Bizzy is a MUST-HAVE! I’m a solo-preneur and Bizzy has become the best “assistant” I could ask for! It allows me to contact different customers (conveniently divided into segments) and once I set up the emails, Bizzy does everything for me. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to improve their conversion rates!

    Melanie, Udderly Hot Mama

Make 35% more money.

Email design to brag about

Bizzy’s email template is flawless on mobile devices, desktops, and all major browsers and email clients. We have the most coverage in the industry.

Optimized for conversions

Bizzy uses your customer data to generate targeted campaigns. As your customer relationships evolve, we continue to re-segment and update your campaigns.

Built-in marketing best practices

We went to business school, so you don't have to. Edit our template to fit your brand without the risk of hurting your deliverability or conversions.

Impossible to spam people

No one likes spam – so we've built in algorithms to make sure you don’t contact customers too often and hurt your relationship.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our library! More emails powered by Bizzy

Save 5+ hours a week.

  • Automatic discount code management

    Gone are the days where you need to remember to regularly create and update your discount codes. For each promotional campaign you send, Bizzy generates unique discount codes - protecting your business from fradulent discount use.

  • All of your customer data in one spot

    Seamlessly manage customers across all your unique touch points with Bizzy’s ecommerce integrations. Bizzy consolidates all of your customer information and keeps a master list of your customer relationship details – so you never lose touch.

  • Smart customer organization system

    Bizzy keeps track of your customer sources, subscription statuses, locations, and many other segments - so your data is always up to date. We even deduplicate any new contacts you add to your list!

  • Loaded with powerful integrations

    We only reinvent the wheel where existing mail marketing tools fall short. For everything else, Bizzy leverages the best technology available. All campaigns you send with Bizzy are tested on Litmus and delivered by SendGrid.

Get ready to stand out.

Bizzy delivers 12x better results for shops than competitors,
while sending customers 60% fewer messages. It’s win-win.